Job hunt after cancer

Here are some suggestions to help you with the job hunt post cancer.


Freelance work:

It may be a good idea to try some freelance work either during treatment or afterwards as you ramp up towards a full time job. We do not vouch for these sites  for payments etc. And note, do not pay for getting a job as they are typically scams.


These sites may offer some options during the transition phase.



Volunteering is a great feel to help the society and feel good about ourselves :) There are many different options based on each one's interests.


Upgrading your skillset:

Either during treatment or just afterwards, while looking for a position, it would be a great idea to learn new skills. It could be something you always wanted to learn, but never had the time, or it could be something that you feel will give you the edge in the workplace, this could be an ideal time to help learn these at your own pace (either self taught or through classes).


Switching careers:

If you wanted to do something else, or your natural aptitude takes you in a different direction, this could be an opportunity to chase that dream.


Looking for a job:

We are in the process of talking to a few HR personnel for general suggestions and policies. This section will be updated based on their responses.


The questions we will be discussing with them include:

1. Is the patient required by law to mention medical history in India?
2. If yes, when is it best to mention it? In the resume, during interviews, or after receiving an offer, both from an employer and employee's point of view? Is there any difference in policies for freshers versus more experienced/senior resources?
3. What are the concerns that companies have for hiring people with prior medical ailments? How can a patient address them?
4. Any tips/suggestions for a patient to re-enter the workforce?
5. If a company provides health insurance for its employees how does it impact a person with prior medical issues?