• Health  & Fitness: Before undertaking anything that is strenous, do consult your doctor on what you can/cannot do.
    • Yoga and Pranayama: The benefits of yoga in improving general well-being are widely known and appreciated. Several studies have demonstrated the benefits of yoga therapy for patients both during and after treatment. These include reduced stress and tension, improved mobility, lymphatic flow, digestion, reduction in side-effects like nausea and boosting immunity and energy levels.  
    • Survivors have found that joining a yoga/fitness program helps in the quicker return to normalcy.  Krishnamacharya yoga mandiram is a center in Chennai where they teach you yoga individually factoring in your current medical status.
    • We are aware of programs like 'Yoga for Survivors' abroad; in case these exist in India, please do let us know and we will add this to the resources tab. Please also help add to this list with details from your own cities
  • Suggestions from my personal experience
    • This is something that I personally struggle with. Being very slim most of my life pre-cancer, I never expected to be in the position where my weight would yoyo so much, and where I would feel so fatigued and tired easily. I also gained a lot of weight quickly during steroids for my chemotherphy and struggle to lose that weight. It is compounded by the fact that during the treatment, I was physically quite inactive, as the fatigue and exhaustion during chemo is something that is hard to overcome.

       The lessons I have learnt:

      • Try to remain active during treatment, even if it just means a 10 minute walk at slow speed daily.
      • After treatment, start slowly, increase your regimen by no more than 10% every couple of days. So if you walk 10 mins on a day 1, try to walk 11 minutes a couple of days later.
      • Don't set yourself up for failure by goals that are too ambitious. Think long term.
      • You may fail several times to sustain any program. Don't give up.
      • Don't compare yourself with your other people your age who have not had to face debilitating treatment.
      • Try to get a personalized recommendation/plan for you. I found that doing yoga as recommended by the KYM was great, as it identified a couple of most pressing issues for me and tried to deal with that.
      • Try to join a group, get a trainer or a friend to work out with you to motivate you and keep at it.
      • Talk to your doctor before getting started, get dos and donts. Each of us may need different plans.
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