Dealing with Hair Loss

Typically the hair loss is transient. The extent of hair fall may also vary -- for some people it, may just be thining of the hair, while for others total hair loss. Not all treatments cause hair loss, but in case they do here are some suggestions, to help cope it.


  • Consider cutting your hair short if the hair starts falling --  the daily loss of hair can be more traumatic and it also helps avoid daily cleanup of hair.
  •  There are different options for dealing with it temporarily:
    • Simply being bald -- if you are comfortable with this, then go for it!
    • Scarves and Caps -- these are an excellent option especially in India, where head gears are quite common.
    • Wigs -- these are also a good option. Below are some tips on wigs.
    • Combination -- I used to use scarves at home and wigs outside, and it worked out just fine.
  • Be prepared for eyebrow/eyelash loss as well. These don't happen quickly, but can happen for some. Eyebrow pencils are available to draw an eyebrow if you want.
  •  One of the few benefits of hair loss, besides not having to shampoo or dry your hair, is when the hair grows back, you can take a look at yourself, in the most different of hairstyles, things you may not have had tried typcially and end up finding something that suits you more :)




There are two types of wigs available generally -- made from synthetic hair and made from real hair. It is good to take a photo of yourself as how you look

before chemo starts to get a close look. Also precise measurements are taken to get a good fit. Synthentic hair is cheaper, but real hair looks slightly better. Costs of wigs ranges from Rs. 1500 for Synthetic hair to over Rs. 6000 for real hair, depending on the length of the hair. And many actors/actress wear wigs, so you may share your wig maker with some celeb!


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