Cosmetic Surgery

Depending on the nature of treatment that you have taken, there may be a wide range of cosmetic needs that you may want to consider and address. Of course, as a starting point, I believe, it is best to discuss with your doctor on options and whether that these are better addressed during or much after the treatment is completed. There are both physical (presence of a port, possible need for further surgery/radiation etc.) as well as emotional (the need to focus on getting better) reasons to channelise energies on one aspect of treatment at a time. Alternatively, it is also understandable if one wishes to consider it right at the start to cope with one less emotional issues.


However, once one is well on the road to recovery, I believe that it helps in rekindling the overall feeling of wellness and normalcy to actively consider, research and action all cosmetic options that are available.These include reconstruction (there are various options on this)...


People are colouring their white hair, injecting botox or doing liposuction on really flimsy reasons - why not us?


Again, this is best researched at the local level but feel free to write in with queries and we'll try to feature articles or put you in touch with folks who can help answer them.