Inspiring stories (young celebrities and others from the community)


Mathew Zachary

"Matthew Zachary was a 21-year old college senior and concert pianist en route to film school when he lost use of his left hand, was diagnosed with pediatric brain cancer (medulloblastoma) and told he'd likely never perform again. Fifteen years, four albums, a wife, twin children and scores of concerts later, Matthew's struggle to get busy living has inspired countless thousands." He is the founder of the I am too young for this and stupid cancer.


Doug Ulman

Doug Ulman, who is the CEO of LiveStrong foundation is a three time cancer survivor. He also founded a fund for young cancer survivors in 1997 and has since cancer, returned to the universtiy soccer team winning championships,  and participated in many marathons including one in the Himalayas.


Akash Dubey

Akash Dubey was only 17 years old when he was diagnosed with leukemia. However even at this young age, he hadtaken the lead in bringing and campaigning for the Terry Fox Run in Chennai. Akash continued to pursue his dreams of studies at Stanford. He however had a relapse and passed away. He will remain an inspiration to many of us.


Neerja Malik

Neerja is a two time cancer survivor and has setup a support group in Chennai for patients. Her ted talk is here.


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