am vinay kumar , from andhra ,i have got detected by tongue cancer
2 years back , i have just undergone radiation and chemotherapy. Now i am fine and doing my job.  Just i am leading my life normally. 


I am 33 years old,I've done my M.B.A., and i work as R.M., in an 'Asset Management Company'. As in 2010-january, i have got traced by

"SQUAMOUS CELL CARCINOMA", immediately i went to chennai for
treatment and there its got diagnosis as the tumor was stage-II and transferring to stage-III. Doctors said may be in treatment i may even loose my speech a again, i have to undergo a speech therapy.  But, with 6 weeks of radiation and 3 chemo cycles a lot of  improvement i have seen and doctors felt there is no need for a  surgery. so, overall with the observation period it had taken nearly  4 months and i returned back to my native place.

My real pain had got started then as my wife refused stay with me.  Because of she was in a notation of this decease may spread to her.  And my daughter who is 3 years old, is also with her. The next  biggest mishap is in the october-2010 my daughter has got attacked by  "cerebral Malaria" and i have not yet informed. And, only i got informed in her last minutes, and i lost her....forever. At that  time i don't know why god has kept me alive ? may be to feel this pain ! i lost my 10 years of career, lost my lovely and only daughter and separated from wife, lost health........but, this is life and it has to go on. With the help of  my friends and care by my mother i slowly recovered and joined in one  of my clients company as an 'Admin Manager' and back in to job 5  months ago. Just i want to say to all of our friends, we should not loose our positive attitude and confidence. we should live for our  self, becoz its YOUR LIFE. one thing i learned from this it is
Yes i can ANSWER !