I am from Kanpur,and currently pursuing my Masters in Business Administration. I love water sports,travelling,making new friends,and making people smile. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the age of 21,that is three years back,when I was pursuing my Mba from Pune,got my Summer Internship with Mtv

But life had something else in store for me,had to leave my studies,underwent the treatment.But in the process,somewhere I became more strong.

I came to know about it in 2008 January,when the tumour on my left ovary twisted somehow,and it started paining immensely.

The doctors thought it was a normal tumour,removed it from my ovary,and told me that I can continue with my studies further. Henceforth I went to pune for my postgraduation,and by the end of 2008 my weight stated dropping immensely,and when I got the checkups done,a new tumour on my right ovary was found this time.

On my doctor’s advice,I went to Mumbai for my further checkups and was operated for the 2nd time,and the tumour was removed,and borderline cancerous cells were found on the tumour.I underwent  6 cycles of chemotherapy,after every 21 days….but somewhere the life dint stop for me.

I knew god has a purpose behind everything,and there has to be a reason behind this too.And I started finding reasons,and to my amazement I found a lot of them.

For eg.i always wanted to adopt a baby,and during the chemotherapy the normal mensuration cycle stops,which is depressing for some famales,but I tried finding something positive from it,and it was that,even if I am not able to conceive,I can adopt a baby and give new life to him/her.but,my god’s grace things turned right for me.

And I was fortunate to get a doctor who,during the process of my treatment became my friend,and nicknamed me as Champ,as I was the youngest in the gyno section,under him who was undergoing the treatment,and his encouragement and motivation,helped me to discuss everthing with him very,its very important for us to discuss things with our doctors,instead of being afraid from them.

Not to forget the most important thing…..Be Positive..Somewhere this positive and optimistic outlook of mine towards life ,help me fight the battle with cancer,and it would help others too.I am living a perfectly normal life today,like all the females of my age,do everything which they do,but yes,there is something that separate’s me from others…. And that is …That I am a SURVIVOR….and I am more strong than them…

So,I want all of you to trust the positive force that is around us, trust yourself and spend more time with the people who are close to you…cancer is not a end to your life…its just the starting of a new life.

I got a NEW LIFE NEW BEGINNING @ AGE OF 22,and I wish all of you best for the life. Just be positive and believe yourself,there is no hurdle in life that we cannot cross through .God bless you all