I am from chennai and working and single and 30...loves globe trotting, interior designin  n water sports n anytin beautiful !! Was diagnosed of ovarian cancer in my 28th year..thats when I had returned from the usa post a overseas assignment from  a mnc!
And I had a lot of hopes about both my professional and personal life ..was bubbling with confidence and optimism ...had felt had achieved something big then ..didn't know that would be a battle with cancer waiting for me in a short time...
How and when did you learn about your cancer?
I had a laproscopy done in Dec 2008, which was  a failure as the docs wherent able to remove the ovarian cysts. So I was referred to another hospital and after some tests and biopsy I was diagnosed of ovarian cancer stage 3c

What types of treatment(s) have occurred?
I had 5 cycles of chemotherapy and a hysterectomy surgery

What have been the most important things that have helped you through your survivorship?
My trust in my doc and surrendering myself to the divine and prepared for the worst scenario - death which I was ready for!  

What have you learned from your experiences that you would like to share?
Life has its own twists and turns... It is better not to worry about things humans can't control.. God has his own plan. Respect your doctor and talk to him freely that would help in the long run.

Beauty is temporary and looks go and come back and so are our spirits, we might feel low during treatment but after listening to all your doc's instructions we will recover and as our body gains strength slowly our spirits will also be lifted up.. Until then we should be strong.. 

My suggestions: Regular master check ups should be done by all anywhere in the world. Never assume whats wrong without consulting a good doc and taking related tests and scan. Trust your intuition to help and guide you!!!

My wishes:
Cancer treatment should become free to all Cancer awarness should be more. We can kill cancer!