Well to share about my experience, I will start with a small story!
There was a boy who went for his vacation to home from his office. Having a lump on his right leg he met a doctor in his home town. Doc with a MRI doubted it being suspicious. Yes, the biopsy confirmed it as a cancerous growth but due to huge queue could not continue treatment there. His travel continued and landed in another hospital in Mumbai. Well surgery removed the lump on the right leg, which was named as leiomyosarcoma in medical terms. With one month of rest started a new journey with new doctors who are popularly known as radiologists. 30 sittings and its all over.
This boy felt that it is the end of the bad phase but to his shock he got into the second attack on lungs. Doctors in Mumbai were skeptical about the chances, but this guy had kept his will power to the optimum.
His family members being the strength, searched about cyberknife treatment. Being a traveler, moved straight from Mumbai to Chennai. Done with the Lung Mets treatment and he is fit now.
Well that boy is Anupam, who is enjoying every bit of life. All these happened in 2010 and yes I am back to normal life. I have settled down in Chennai, working out of Chennai office and willing to move on in life as it comes. Well I am still single 
Cheers to all the cancer survivors. If anyone wants to contact me or want to share their experience, please do drop a note @ or