I am from Hyderabad.35 Year old working man.I love all kind of Indoor and outdoor games.I love travelling,meeting new people and making new friends and maintaining a good relationship with them.
I was diagnosed with cancer in my 30th year.Fortunately during those days I was in usa for a long term assignment!
USA is a land of opportunity but for me it was the place which gave me a life.I must thank my friends and collegues who helped me to fight and win this battle.
My optimistic and positive attitude towards life always helped me in achieving whatever little I achieved until now.Lot more to go.I have a vision for my life And Cancer acted as a accelerator to make me more confident,strong and hopeful towards life.I believe a lot in god and my survival made my faith more strong.

How and when did you learn about your cancer?
I had a endoscopy done in Feb 2006 which revealed the presence of malignant tumor in my ascending colon.

What types of treatment(s) have occurred?
I had a Colectomy surgery followed by 12 dose of Chemotherapy for the duration of 6 month.Duration of every dose was for 3 days and each dose was been given biweekly.

What have been the most important things that have helped you through your survivorship?
Only three things: Trust,Confidence and Positive attitude.

What have you learned from your experiences that you would like to share?
Never ignore anything related to your health.I did ignore my problems for more than 5 years it turned out to be a cancer.Whenever you face any trouble get yourself checked.Plan your diet.Do regular exercise.And leave everything on divine power.

How did i Managed work and treatment together

It was Not easy for sure.I still get a goose bump when I think about the treatment period.
Since I was working at client side I was not suppose to take any leave.My Chemotherapy was starting on Friday and continue until Sunday evening.
Biweekly I was suppose to take the dose.I would be at Doctors place until noon on Friday and will allow saline to allow medicine to get in to my body.
After 3-4 hours of dose I would be equipped with a  pump (like a warrior holding sword) full of medicine attached to the catheter,
 a tube inserted into the chest to target the particular organ (e.g. Colon in my case). While going through chemotherapy we loose the taste of food.
Lot of vomiting sensation.Sometime I was getting hiccups continuously for couple of weeks..With all these things I had my own deliverable in office..
Hmmm sometime work was making my life easier as i was able to forget the pain..

With work it was easy to spend 6 month of treatment period.Just wanted to add one more interesting thing In my family no one was aware of my treatment.
Every time I will call my family back in India I would just talk all happy things.It helped me in keeping me positive.Being positive and optimistic always helps..I believe in god and always offered my all troubles to my god and in turn i did got my life back...
The only mantra is Be positive and be optimistic..If we have to live no one can kill us..My punchline would be..
Follow the instruction from doctor with Optimism,positivity and bravery everything will be fine.The treatment period is just a bump in the road of life..Complete it and forget about it..Good days will be back....

My wishes:
Cancer awareness should be more.Cancer treatment must be free and Government should ensure that many more Hospitals is opened across the country.I have seen patient waiting for more than a month for surgery this makes the situation worst.Increased number of hospital with competent doctor will drastically increase the survival rate.