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When you do contact us, do include a short (or long) note about you.


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    S.J.RAVEENDHARAN (Saturday, 16 April 2011 10:12)

    I have a good news for cancer survivors. YES, Now you can defeat cancer by boosting and educating your immune system with the help of 4life transfer factors. It activates natural killer cells of our body to 437 percent and help to kill the cancer cells effectively. For more details contact me thro 09791765262 or mail me to
    Thanks and regards,

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    kushwant (Monday, 24 October 2011 12:41)

    Hi i am recentely dignosed with kidney cancer 9680680929

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    kushwant (Monday, 02 January 2012 09:08)


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    Cancer survivor (Friday, 06 July 2012 09:03)

    Hi Ramya,

    I came across your website today. It is good to see such work being done. I was diagnosed with cancer late last year and have just completed my treatment. I am trying to do some stuff for cancer patients as well.

    To begin with, I created a blog recently and have written some posts for cancer patients.

    However, I do not qualify for your site's stories as I am few years older than 35.


    (for personal reasons, I write under an assumed username.)

  • #5

    Ramya (Sunday, 08 July 2012 04:09)

    Hi Cancer Survivor,
    Thanks for your feedback. Glad you have completed treatment and great you are doing things for others as well.

    Do share your blog url. I am interested in reading as I am sure many of the other survivors will be as well. You can email me as well at ramya (at)
    Take care,

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    Vijayalakshmi K (Tuesday, 07 August 2012 01:52)

    Hi, I am Vijayalakshmi K, f / 56, diagnosed for stage iv ovarian cancer. Only the distant nodes are affected. Organs intact. Undergone six chemos. Now it seems under control. Any alternate medicine in chennai (Dependable), to control my cancer? orbekv@yahoo.colin

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    D (Sunday, 12 August 2012 13:46)

    Hi Ramya,

    Thanks for this wonderful website. I am a Leukemia survivor myself and have been through all the emotions and pain at age 10 when all kids of my age were playing and enjoying their childhood, now I am 30 and fit. I feel the best way to face cancer is to face it head on, kick all the negative feelings away,I know its not that easy. But sometime we just need to forget the disease totally and concentrate only on recovery.

    All the best.

  • #8

    Ramya (Sunday, 12 August 2012 20:40)

    D, thanks for you feedback! I am glad to hear of your story and you doing so well. Do interact in the forums if you feel like it.

  • #9

    ramya (Sunday, 12 August 2012 20:42)


    I am glad you are doing well after chemo. I am not familiar with any reliable alternate medicine.


  • #10

    sushank maurya (Thursday, 27 September 2012 14:45)

    ramya, its great to no u survived, but there is reliable and alternative medicine. contact. 9850883848

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    shruthi (Thursday, 22 November 2012 04:42)

    Hi Ramya..
    This is shruthi here.. i'm from karnataka, and i'm a cancer survivor of bone cancer osteo sarcoma. i had been diagnosed with cancer when i was 17, now i'm 21. I'm fine now and i just wanted to meet young cancer survivors.. so here your web is helping me... you can contact me through mail.. my email is

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    S B C (Sunday, 16 December 2012 11:56)

    Hi, badly looking for financial aids for cancer treatment for senior citizen...if anyone has any thread let me know...thanks n god bless u....

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    sandeep (Sunday, 17 February 2013 10:50)

    A pain in my stomach made me go to the doctor. He advised me blood test.I came to know that I have CML.I felt as if I have been delivered a death sentence. .Will I live or will I die? The date was uncertain.

    I first went to a hospital in Delhi but I was not satisfied. So I came to Mumbai. All tests were done at Tata Memorial hospital and I was told that I could have Bone Marrow transplant done. Fortunately my brother could be my donor. It was a painful process and very troublesome. I was really troubled but fortunately all my troubles came to an end and soon after treatment I joined office.

    My family was a big pillar of support. I wanted to get married but who would marry me? I went to a website and found the profile of a girl who had breast cancer.We met, discussed and after understanding all the things from a doctor we got married. In 2009 we were blessed with a little Baby Girl.We are really happy with Nandini.As a matter of precaution I have got her Cord Blood preserved.May she Never need it!!!!

    We are very happy with each other and never want to look back. The support from the doctors and family was really great and helped me to move forward. I am specalliy grateful to Dr. Saikia for all his encouragement and treatment.

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    Ramya (Sunday, 24 February 2013 19:03)

    Sandeep, It is great to hear this! I am glad you are all doing so well. Can you email me your contact email? It would be great to share it with others who may want to reach out to you.

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    Anupam (Wednesday, 20 March 2013 10:53)

    Hi Ramya,
    It is just awesome to see the extensive effort you have put in to bring the young people on a common platform. First of all congrats on that and best of luck for the future endeavors too.
    Well to share about my experience, I will start with a small story!
    There was a boy who went for his vacation to home from his office. Having a lump on his right leg he met a doctor in his home town. Doc with a MRI doubted it being suspicious and asked to move on to TMH an abbreviated term of Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. Yes, the biopsy confirmed it as a cancerous growth but due to huge queue could not continue treatment there. His travel continued and landed in another hospital in Mumbai named as Hinduja hospital. Well surgery removed the lump on the right leg, which was named as leiomyosarcoma in medical terms. With one month of rest started a new journey with new doctors who are popularly known as radiologists. 30 sittings and its all over.
    This boy felt that it is the end of the bad phase but to his shock he got into the second attack on lungs. Doctors in Mumbai were skeptical about the chances, but this guy had kept his will power to the optimum.
    His family members being the strength, searched about cyberknife treatment which is done in Chennai Apollo hospital. Being a traveler, moved straight from Mumbai to Chennai. Done with the Lung Mets treatment and he is fit now.
    Well that boy is Anupam, who is enjoying every bit of life. All these happened in 2010 and yes I am back to normal life. I have settled down in Chennai, working out of Chennai office and willing to move on in life as it comes. Well I am still single 
    Cheers to all the cancer survivors. If anyone wants to contact me or want to share their experience, please do drop a note @ or

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    Nataraj.B (Tuesday, 26 March 2013 04:46)

    Hello Ramya,
    I am Nataraj. I was diagnosed with Hodgskin Lymphoma Stage IV (A type of Blood cancer) in April 2010. I completed 16 cycles of chemotherapy and leading a healthy life now. I would like to be associated with cancerpalsindia and I am ready to support you. Currently I am working as a Assistant Professor in Chennai. I extend my hands to be a part of cancerpalsindia.
    contact me @:

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    ricky (Wednesday, 10 April 2013 11:31)

    hi am a oral cancer survivor just came across the site am few yrs older than 35 looking to keep conected with this site

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    Akhil Bhalla (Friday, 17 May 2013 05:54)

    Hello, there ...

    I just came across your website and I really admire the initiative that you started. I need a little help from you guys.

    Do you have any centres in Delhi where there are such meetings where people talk about how they survived cancer. My Mother recently got diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and I believe tht listening to such stories will certainly give her some strength to fight the dreaded disease .

    Hoping to listen from you soon ..

    Akhil Bhalla

  • #19

    Prabir Banerjee (Monday, 27 May 2013 01:43)


    I am representing Publicis Life Brands Watermelon, Mumbai a Healthcare Advertising Agency. We are a part of Publicis Healthcare Communications Group, New York. We basically work towards branding of healthcare products & services. We would like to promote unbranded websites/community websites, OTC products of our healthcare clients.
    Our target audience are doctors & patients for brand awareness.

    So kindly let us know whether your website would be open for advertising on their portal for awareness digital solutions.

    Thank you


  • #20

    Sumeeth (Wednesday, 18 December 2013 10:43)

    1. Interested to join you
    2. Like to conduct perfomance show to make the audience happy
    3. Doing research in alternative medicine for a cure
    My mail id -

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    Naveen (Sunday, 09 March 2014 08:00)

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    Naveen (Sunday, 09 March 2014 08:06)

    I am a cancer survivor based in bangalore M29.

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    Shrinivas (Saturday, 09 August 2014 06:53)

    Hi Ramya,
    I am cancer survivor from bangalore. I have mailed regarding some information. but you have not replied me yet so please reply me soon..
    Mob No: 09900111917

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    Senthilnathan (Wednesday, 20 August 2014 04:29)

    Hi Ramya,
    Hats off to your effort on this website. But just wanted to know if everything is fine at your end, especially health-wise. I ask this as i do not see any recent update from you in this site.


  • #25

    DR.M.NAGARAJA (Wednesday, 27 August 2014 08:14)


    there is a safe treatment for cancer, called


    • Completely Painless & Comfortable
    • Safe and No Side Effects, Amazing Results
    daily one hour for 28days.


    OUR centre (MediVision Healthcare) is in Marthahalli, Ring road
    call-09901133022 , 09036975597

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    Ramesh (Wednesday, 10 September 2014 10:37)

    This is Ramesh M/23 today only completed my treatment hereafter I am going to join job again thanks to everyone


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    Ramesh (Wednesday, 10 September 2014 10:39)

    Ramesh contact: 7708284713, project engineer in Wipro.

  • #28

    Prashanth P (Monday, 06 October 2014 10:46)

    Hi Ramya,

    A Very Nice initiative and i have been looking forward to this kind of website.I was diagonised with Acute Myleoid Leukemia in Aug 2012 and was treated.Relapsed in 2013 December and then had a bone marrow transplant with the help of my sister.Now i am 26 and doing fine. I have been hitting the gym and doing yoga for the past 3 4 months.I currently reside in Chennai @ 9962516633 and email forward to take up job from 2015 as my doctor says!

  • #29

    Rachna Bisht (Tuesday, 28 October 2014 17:49)

    I came across your wonderful website researching an article ab cancer survivors who are also achievers in their professional fields. Could you pl email me yr ph no? I'd love to talk to you. Cheers! Rachna Bisht Rawat

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    Nirmala B Shah [F/61] (Thursday, 18 December 2014 11:11)

    I wasdiagnosed with IV stage ovarian cancer in Jan 14.
    I did naturopathy for 3 months, & CA-125 marker test improved by 40%.
    Thereafter did 3 chemo cycles [NACT] from June to July 14.
    Underwent surgery in Aug 14.
    The immunity went down so much with various sufferings due to side effects of chemo that could not take furthur chemo.
    Adopted alternative treatment & homeopathy.
    The quality of life after 2.5 months is good. I am sticking to homeo & alternative.
    I am available to discuss on treatments adopted on e mail ID
    As well I also can get educated in the field mutually.

  • #31

    Shrikant (Monday, 16 March 2015 10:03)

    Thank you Ramaya for creating such a wonderful & inspiring website. Myself Shrikant(30/M). I was diagnosis AML in Jan 2013 and took cycles of chemo and was more painful.My treatment was completed in April 13. From May- June onwards I never felt that the decease would never come back to me. I returned to normal life and started working. I supposed that treatment is more painful than the decease specially the bone morrow test. I read about the physical excerise by cancer patients and joined swimming in June 2014.Only in 4-5 days of swimming I was feeling sick and fever came.Then I left swiming but fever didn't left me. Then in September month my docter again suggested Bone Marrow test as the platelets counts was going done and down.And the test's result came, it was most shocking to me and my family. Our docter afraid us & told that the latter treatment will not be tolerable by the body. But I didn't loose my confidence and went to Tata Hospital Mumbai.My treatment then started in September itself. And friends really the treatment was so painless as compared to previous one.Even I didn't loose hair except in the first cycle. Now the docters suggested Bone Marrow Transplant which will be done in this month. The donar is my sister with 50% bone marrow .
    Friends I always blame to god for giving such decease to my age group members. Also in the hospital there are so many little children of age group of 1-5 years.God instead of giving decease to the little masters why you gave birth to them. God there are so many people beyond the age of 70 years. You should target them instead of us. By the way I will never give up, as my CA exam taught me to stand up again . They was more difficult then the treatment.…


  • #32

    Shiv (Tuesday, 24 March 2015 01:36)

    Medanta - The medicity (cancer)most cheated hospital in the country.plz who so ever wants their treatment done their then i m telling ur loosing ur hopes ..
    Dr.Nitin Sood a conservative corporate culture doctor without any sentiments a bloody cheat no work experience dr. U r a sorry 4 patients but let me tell u ur a losser

  • #33

    arpan (Tuesday, 28 July 2015 10:34)

    Tanya, 19 year old teen has been diagnosed with blood cancer(stage 3).Her mother died 10 months back due to liver cancer.she has no sibling and her father is also not working as he is in trauma too. My humble request to all to suggest some organization or websites that can help tanya if not financially ,then through counselling becoz she thinks she will not survive like her mother.Doctor say she might be ok in one year after chemo.9868220248

  • #34

    SHIPRA (Thursday, 26 November 2015 19:56)


  • #35

    ChandraMouli (Friday, 04 December 2015 03:56)

    Hi Ramya....
    This is R. Chandramouli.I am from Palamaner,Chittoor Dist ,A.p.I'm a Survivor of Hodgkin's Lymphoma(stage 2b) and it's a one type of Blood Cancer.It was diagnosed at the age of 26, when i was in my MCA final year, I had gone through 12 chemo's, now i am 29 and extremely well.My email :
    Thank you so much for sharing my experience with you....

  • #36

    Ramki (Thursday, 31 March 2016 08:38)

    Hi All,

    I am Ramakrishna and from Andhra. Nellore.I'm a Survivor of Hodgkin's Lymphoma. now doing good.
    I am working in Bangalore in IT.
    My email:

  • #37

    prema (Wednesday, 13 April 2016 10:30)

    i am a breast cancer survivor
    i was all alone during my chemos
    i could not inform my son who was studiying outside chennai
    i would like to meet you all and share my experiences
    i am located in chennai and my mail id is

  • #38

    chaturbhuja behera (Thursday, 02 June 2016 04:19)

    hi Ramya,
    i am a colon cancer survivor. i was diagnosed with early stage colon caner on july 15. by listening cancer initially i hopeless, thought every thing will be end here. then i realise that to win against cancer you have to fight. after surgery at Tata Memorial i am fully recovered now. thank you for your inspiring story., 9776108581

  • #39

    Shanmathy (Sunday, 03 July 2016 13:38)

    Hi ther... I was diagnosed wid parotid carcinoma.. 30 d radiation, Apollo chennai. Felt like hit by a bus after radiation. No chemo. Disfiguring facial palsy was biggest set back. Managed to attend college. Was blessed to have understanding lecturers who took care of me lik their child. Face has improved. But not the same. I avoided looking at the mirror hated my face stopped clicks pics. Life goes on. I met the greatest person my surgeon. I stayed strong never cried cos my parents wer devastated an I had to give them hope. My anaesthesiologist told my dad she is very brave. Proud to be a cancer suvivor and managing facial palsy. I used to c little kids an felt really bad, I hence had no self pity. I knew God wud get me thru cos I had immense faith in him. Recently I lost my frnd to suicide she was perfectly alright jus sum kind of depression. I realised my struggle made me such a mature person. Everything happens for a reason. We shud stay positive. God has given this life to live. Happy to c this forum. My best wishes to other survivors. So much more courageous. I am fine now. I am no way ashamed to tel this to ppl tht I had cancer.

  • #40

    Bharat (Monday, 11 July 2016 10:06)

    Wonderful initiative there. Look forward to see the community develop even stronger and tightly knit. This is the greatest help that a cancer patient and the caregiver can get.

    All the best

  • #41

    Prashanth Selvaraj (Tuesday, 26 July 2016 00:55)

    I got a Soursop (Graviola) tree in my backyard which helps cure cancer and want to supply the fruits or leaves free of cost to cancer patients. Please contact me at 001prashanth (at) for more information.

  • #42

    Saravanakumar (Saturday, 01 October 2016 13:01)

    My brother having stage 3 bone cancer.His age is 20.Anybody can suggest for treating him for low cost and good quality hospital in

  • #43

    Cena (Friday, 14 October 2016 13:28)

    Plz add me

  • #44

    Naddy (Saturday, 19 November 2016 01:01)

    Hi guys, proud of u because you guys are fighting with or dignosed with cancer.
    I recently dignosed with slavery gland cancer and 9hr surgery done before 1 month. If you have doubt or have oral cancer or slavery gland types of cancer dont waist your time because it spreads so fast around the tissues and bone which also happened with me fortunately someone told me direct go to mumbai if you want full treatment and best doctor, guys trust me Dr. Sultan Pradhan is oncologist in prince Aly khan hospital who is best. Dr. Pradhan only saw and told its cancer though i showed many big doctors in Lucknow they were sayings its nothing only need to remove lymph nodes(i had two lymph nodes on neck and under jaw)..just u think if they would only removedmy lymph nodes what would happen.. i still scare...because my cancer was spread to right side jaw bone which had to removed by surgery. So guys its just a suggestion to help you guys meet Dr. Sultan pradhan when you go that hospital prince Aly then u will get to know what i said. Thats it i wanted to say. Be happy from heart and cure cancer.

  • #45

    Lin (Monday, 21 November 2016 01:06)

    Hi Would like to know if you have such groups in Mumbai and would you be able to connect me to them.

  • #46

    Naddy (Thursday, 24 November 2016 04:04)

    I can only give you their contact numbers.
    Or you can online search dr. Sultan pradhan or prince Aly khan hospital contact and easily you can get contact number even you can take appointment..

  • #47

    A. Satyanarayana Reddy (Tuesday, 29 November 2016 00:10)

    Ramaya garu,
    My son A. venkatarami Reddy is a child hood cancer survivor. He had treatment for PNET of Ewings family during 1996-97 as per the advise given by Dr Advani, TMC, Mumbai. He is now 31 years old. and doing a job in MNC getting 9.2 lakhs per annum. One year back a pacemaker was arranged to him. He is keeping fine health. In Tata Memirial Hospital they are running Ugam a center for cancer survivors. 25 to 30 cancer patients were got married under their guidance and leading happy married life. They are taking care of Mumbai people only. We want a suitable match for my son. My email address:

  • #48

    A.Satyanarayana Reddy (Tuesday, 29 November 2016 00:52)

    Hi friends. My son then 11 years was diagnosed with a swelling at right thoracic region during Nov'1996. He was operated for the tumour at Medwin Hospital Hyderabad in 30.11.1996. On frozen section biopsy the pathologist stated that the tumour is Hamagio pericitoma. The tumor tucked into spinal canal pierced into the lung and complete removal of the tumour cound not be done due to heavy bleeding. I searched from web and found the said sarcoma is not responding to any drugs. The Doctors said that his survival is doubtful. I have sent one slide to a retired medical college principal, Mrs Syamala Bhaskaran. She said it is a neuro blastoma. I send one block to Spl Ranboxy laboritaries, Mumbai. They said it is a spindle cell sarcoma and nero blastoma is ruled out. We sent some slides to Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai. They said it is a nerogeneric tumour. I have send a block to USA . They said it is Primitive Neuro Ectodermal tumour of ewings family. Basing on that they have given first chemo therapy with adriyamycin ect. Non satisfied with the treatment at Hyd I have taken my son to TMC, Mumbai. Dr Advani world famous medical Oncologist given Holoxon, Etiposid regime for 6 months, 6 days treatment during each month. After completion of the treatment Doctor said the patient is fine.
    As the disease is re occurring in many patients I have decided to take alternate therapy. First I have taken treatment alternate therapy given by a Govt. Doctor at guntur for three months. There is some remission. Then I have taken homeo treatment from Dr. Sundara Rao, a famous Homeopathy Doctor residing at Jaya Nagar, Bangalore for one and half year. After that I have taken Tianxian liquid a famous Chinese herbal medicine got from Hong Kong for six months. After that I have taken herbal medicine from Magilal of Bhupal for three months. Our son is keeping fine health from fast 20 years. One year back a pace maker was arranged to him. It may be due to the effect of Thoracic radiation or chemotherapy drug. I have given the said alternate treatments only after getting feed backs from the survived patients. I have I wish our friends to take alternate medicine after completion of allopathy treatment. Any clarification required please send to my email address>

  • #49

    A.Satyanarayana Reddy (Thursday, 01 December 2016 23:04)

    For blood Cnacer treatment there is an Ayurveda Doctor Basavanappa Sherkar, Freedom fighter, Cancer specialist, He is 100 years old. Residing at Nidvancha village, Manne Ekhali, 24 Kms from Zaheerabad in Hyderabad and Mumbai High way. He may charge Rs. 2 to 3 thousand per month. He will also treat all types of Cancers. Since I know about a Cnara Bank Manager by name Naganna who has taken treatment for AML.

  • #50

    Thomas (Thursday, 05 January 2017 09:53)

    I am a cancer survivor diagnosed with testicular cancer and presently finding difficulty in getting a job.

  • #51

    Suresh (Sunday, 08 January 2017 02:39)

    I am OS survivor .. plz check mail

  • #52

    Aakanksha (Friday, 27 January 2017 20:28)

    Thankyou for making this wonderful site. I am a survivor too.I had met a awesome friend here. He still is in my heart and has life long place there. Thank you Prashanth for giving such awesome time.I was so deeply attached to you. I wish i could have told this before. It really very tough to live without you. I still waiting for your text the whole day long. Life is cruel, it gives pain then hope but again pain.

  • #53

    Abhi (Monday, 30 January 2017 10:34)

    Hello thomos How are you now I am also taking treatment for testicular cancer what are the problems you are suffering from after treatment can you please tell me I am on chemo currently

  • #54

    Abhi (Monday, 30 January 2017 10:38)

    I don't know how cancer affect me I was one of the most fit guys and only 22 a sport person I was literally laughing when doc told me you are suffering from cancer I think he must be kidding how it can affect me . A non smoker non alcoholic guy always on health diet

  • #55

    Jeet (Monday, 30 January 2017 15:51)

    Hi Abhi
    There are problems related to strength and all but u can recover them with the passage of time. Wish u get Well very Soon.

  • #56

    Abhi (Tuesday, 31 January 2017 07:30)

    Hey bro jeet don't know if this is related to strength or something because my immunity is too gud I don't even suffered from fever before this. It's extremely surprising for me

  • #57

    Jeet (Tuesday, 31 January 2017 12:09)

    Hi Abhi
    yes, it would be shocking for anyone. Get the treatment well and let not think much about this.

  • #58

    Abhi (Thursday, 02 February 2017 10:55)

    Thanks for your support bro

  • #59

    bibin poulose (Tuesday, 14 February 2017 12:54)

    I am an AML survivor.. I was affected from cancer at the age of 12 and I undergone chemotherapy. Now by god's grace I am alright..My email ID

  • #60

    narayan (Sunday, 05 March 2017 01:13)

    Hodgkin lymphoma. Stage 2a. treatment over. Pet clear.Male 37. Looking to get married. cancer survivors looking for marriage may contact

  • #61

    Pragati (Wednesday, 08 March 2017)

    Hlo.. I am cervical cancer and oral cancer survivor. I am just 26. I don't know how cancer affect me.. I am not a drinker and smoker.. I am not getting what to do now.. I want to get marry but who will marry me.. I don't have any siblings and my father is no more in this world.. I want to get cure from these both cancers but I don't know how..

  • #62

    Jeet (Friday, 10 March 2017 13:20)

    hey Pragati
    Stay positive Dear u have extraordinary strength. Marriage is secondary thing , i know u wish something to hold you in this tough time. But we can't help it . Nobody knows the sentiments of a survivor. Moreover survivors theirself don't want to add 1 more person into their grief. Be Strong Pragati. You have to take care of urself. Take good care of urself. U'll soon be alright. May Almighty bless you with immense strength and good health.

  • #63

    Prem (Thursday, 16 March 2017 15:15)

    Good to see this place ... is it possible to organize a meet in nearby cities so that each survivors can support each other in the fight ...I am Anaplastic Astrocytoma survivor from Bangalore ...

  • #64

    Abhi (Friday, 17 March 2017 13:04)

    Hey how are you Pargati I know how does it feel when you are diagnosed with cancer how are you now all your scans are coming clear send your contact details will try to find a match for you

  • #65

    Jeet (Sunday, 19 March 2017 13:40)

    hi Prem. Ya it might be Good if we could meet and share our feelings.But this forum has only a few number of people.

  • #66

    Surabhi (Wednesday, 22 March 2017 08:23)

    My mom is diagnosed with stage 3 c ovary cancer in july 2016. She completed 3 cycles of chemo and then surgery and then again three cycles of chemo. The ca 125 came down to 65 in jan. 2017 after the treatment was over from fortos gurgaon. Later in feb we found that her ca 125 is increased again to 290. Looks like the cancer never went dead. We are looking for some help. We have started a homopathy medicine as well for last 2 weeks however no wonders and her ca is still increasing.
    She is 60 years old but a strong lady. Although she lost a lot of weight during this treatment.

  • #67

    bala aswarth (Friday, 24 March 2017 12:27)

    I am 22 years old and I've done B.Tech in electrical engineering.I got survived from Hodkins lymphoma cancer when I was at 11 years old.I recently came across this site,and very happy to share and view the all comments from all cancer survivors.

  • #68

    Rahul rana (Wednesday, 29 March 2017 13:36)

    Dear all
    I am under going a typical phase in my life wherein within a time frame of 2 months my wife and my mother has been diagnosed with cancer.
    My wife with colon cancer and mother Wid kidney. But I'm sure that this testing time shall pass and they will overcome Wid it Wid flying colours.
    There are certain queries regarding their treatment. If someone can guide me on that so kindly give me your Watsapp no or Watsapp me on 9475430667.
    Waiting for reply.

  • #69

    krishnam (Sunday, 09 April 2017 02:19)

    Hi Ramya,
    I am amazed about your survival story. Well, I am a blood cancer survivor of stage 3 ( 27 yrs) and in remission since 3 years. Mostly, all survivors cases are unique in their means but one thing for sure, they need moral support and awareness on diet which makes us to live n lead the life happily ever after.
    My experience says,
    1) the young age under 40 yrs have a greater survival chances than other.
    2) If a patient is inbetween 1-3 stage, then with proper medication and will power of the candidate can survive the battle.
    3) If a patient is in 4 stage, then with the expertise/professional, he can able to extend the life with the clinical procedures
    4) Furthermore, there is a greater scope and survival chances for pediatrician oncology as they can be treated well with the latest medicines.

    If someone wants the knowledge on after cancer treatment/survival tips,
    u can contact or wazup 9966221721,

    With Best Regards,

  • #70

    Vivek (Tuesday, 11 April 2017 16:58)

    Ramya is alive?please don't make us cry now �....ramya are you there no reply since 5 years ago......everything is fine?

  • #71

    Satya (Tuesday, 11 April 2017 17:00)

    Surabhi....same condition in my family with my mom me let's talk about it 7030751711..please

  • #72

    Alan (Wednesday, 17 May 2017 01:38)

    Hi Abhi and Thomas,

    Guys I am also taking treatment for testicular cancer, please get in touch my email id is, I am from goa,

  • #73

    Sivaprakash (Tuesday, 30 May 2017 02:00)

    I was diagnosed with colon cancer in July last year. Immediately underwent operation and removed the maligned part. Completed 5 months of Chemo and it was over by February this year.
    I underwent a review few days back and I am completely OK now with normal life.
    It was a difficult period . With the grace of God , I am back to normal. The support received from the medical team, my family and friends were commendable.
    It taught me the lesson of humility.

    I am from Chennai - contact number - 9677094434

  • #74

    Sivasubramanian (Sunday, 04 June 2017 10:57)

    Hi all,
    I got rectal cancer stage 3 @2014 and undergone surgery and 6 chemo plus radiotherapy again cancer reappeared in adrenal gland and got operated again on August 2016.
    Now I am feeling OK with some side effects. I am very positive .I am from Chenna can be reached in or 9381036530

  • #75

    Rahul (Sunday, 11 June 2017 13:22)

    Its good to have a forum where wecan discuss all big and small issue related to cancer its treatment and survivorship. I would suggest all folks to always drink minimum 3-4litres of water per day and dont forget to boil it if you are not sure about its purity. Add more alkaline food like broccoli. Spinach, lime, lemon nd other sources as cancer mostly survive in an acidic body. Drink green tea, take moderate amount of milk products, consume less sugar, always check for vitamin d level and iron level in your blood both should be present in sufficient amount. I would suggest people to take carrot juice, garlic, apple and all other rich sources of nutrient. Cancer is painful but trust me if its you who suffering then alwayd remember God strongly feels that you can fight it nd win life out of it. Dont ever loose hope, everyone has to die one day lets live a purposeful life till then. I will keep praying for all you lovely people but trust me dont ever loose your hope if you loose hope you may not be able to cope up with treatment and you may loose faith from yourself. We always say dont be over confident in life but I would recommend you all to be over confident at least for this phase of life.

    You may connect with ne
    Whats app me on 7600622245.

    Testicular cancer survivor can also reach me so that we can keep a close eye and have regular discussion. This may help someone in future at least to learn on how to fight with confidence.
    Love for lovely folks!!! Rahul

  • #76

    Neha (Tuesday, 27 June 2017 02:29)

    Hi All,
    My husband is 31 years old and was diagnosed with NSGCT last July, he underwent chemo and surgery. Unfortunately, we did not have any life insurance to cover these expenses. Moving forward, we have been doing extensive research on policy plans for cancer survivors but have been unsuccessful to find any. We were just rejected by an insurance company that does cover pre-existing diseases . Would be really helpful if someone can guide us in the right direction regarding health insurance for cancer survivors. Thanks.

  • #77

    Hina Malik (Thursday, 27 July 2017 04:28)

    Hey !
    I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 28. Finally my treatment is over and now looking out for more fighters like me.
    I am an Indian Armed Forces Officer and was one of the fittest amongst my friends but as the saying goes when it has to happen, it happens. Never the less, let's all stay strong and healthy and get back with our lives . I am 29 and hope to have a normal life like everyone else .
    Let's get in touch ..

  • #78

    Vikas Kumar jha (Wednesday, 30 August 2017 02:24)

    Sir I m a cancer survivor with CA rectum can a get a girl who I can marry I m feeling lonely and depressed​..plz help me

  • #79

    Vikas Kumar jha (Wednesday, 30 August 2017 02:28)

    I need a girl to marry I m very lonely and depressed plz help me my no. Is 8700889107 I was diagnosed with carcinoma rectum in 2004 now I m good

  • #80

    Sachi Pandya (Saturday, 02 September 2017 13:12)

    Hello! I am Sachi. I am a psychologist and work in the area of Psycho-oncology. I am glad to come across your initiative. It is interesting that this is targeted for the Teens and Young Adults (TYA) population understanding their unique needs and concerns at this stage of life! I would like to share that we at Tata Hospital have filed a petition for specialized health care for this age-group and build youth for youth support for them! Attaching the link herewith for further information on the same! Please check and connect with us for the cause!
    Petition Link:

    Facebook Link:

    Thank you! All the Best for your wonderful endeavour!

  • #81

    Amritha (Monday, 11 September 2017 03:51)

    Hai all,
    I am 28yrs and survivor of CA lung. For the past 2 year, I have been fighting and underwent lot of hardship.

    Wish to have new friends. U can contact me at

  • #82

    Vikas Kumar jha (Sunday, 08 October 2017 09:49)

    Hi pragati I m also a cancer survivor and I m also 28 if you want we can talk and look for something I m also bit depressed and lonely u can contact me at 8700889107

  • #83

    Shobhit Srivastava (Thursday, 26 October 2017 13:12)

    My mother that much strong is having Ovarian Cancer she is 46 in age, and i am dying in grief for her as we are not that much strong financially, please help i want my mothers smile back. she is now admitted in CMC Vellore. Please help

    Email id:

  • #84

    R.Suchitra (Friday, 03 November 2017 04:51)

    Hai friends, I am Suchitra. I am a Pink Hope volunteer from bangalore. A Very Nice initiative and i have been looking forward to this kind of website.Congrats.

    As a part of Indian Cancer Congress conference, Pink Hope a cancer warrior support group is conducting a full day track on 12 November. Enhancing cancer awareness,understanding the current trends in cancer treatment and networking are some benefits of attending this.
    Registration for cancer survivors and Pink Hope members is free.For others the registration is Rs 300.It is a full day event on Sunday. And sure you will find the session exciting and useful.
    Friends if you are interested to attend this event, kindly register before 7th November 2017. You can contact me through this . All are welcome to this event .

    ICC Pink Hope Track Program

    Venue: Clarks Convention Centre, Bengaluru, India.

    Date : 12 Th November , Sunday ,2017.


  • #85

    prem (Sunday, 05 November 2017 10:48) .. looks good better way to connect

  • #86

    Harsha (Sunday, 19 November 2017 10:44)

    Hi all,
    I am happy to see a forum where you can discuss issue related to cancer its treatment.
    We deal with products which increases your immune system. It is patented and proprietary product. The product has got 5 US patents and 36 patents worldwide, its a research based scientific products with more than 3500 clinical trails. Very safe, Not a Vitamin, Not a Mineral and Not Antioxidant.
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    We can organize a group meeting with brief on the product.

  • #87

    vinitha (Thursday, 23 November 2017 05:13)

    Hai Ramya.
    My aunt is diagnosed with ovarian cancer 3 c. She underwent 6 chemos and operation scheduled in the month of December. Do you have kowledge long terms survivors of ovarian cancer in 3 c i.e. more than 5 years. I am resident of Telangana State.

  • #88

    D K Karan (Thursday, 23 November 2017 23:16)

    My name is Karan and I am living in Singapore. I am into buying and selling of used printing machine.
    My uncle in Chennai was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer in Nov 2016. He was undergoing Chemotherapy since then. I got his report checked with Mount Elizabeth hospital Singapore as a second opinion and the doctors advised me not to bring him for further treatment in Singapore as my uncle's condition was very bad and they suggested me to continue with Chemo in India as he may not live more than 8 to 10 months.
    His health was deteriorating day and day and he was bedridden since Sept 5, 2017 and he was just counting his days.. Seeing him die was not good feeling and I was talking a friend of mine in Singapore about his condition and he recommended a Food supplement called "Purtier Placenta" and asked me to give it my uncle as he was confident that it would save my uncle. However with typical mindset( how can the cancer be cured?), I reluctantly bought the supplement and send it to India.
    Miracle happened. With in 10 days of supplement from Sept 24 to Oct 4, he started showing improvement. Water retention in his stomach reduced (every week they had remove 6 litres of water). From 20th days onwards his water retention totally was not there and with in 30 days his appetite started improving and he started getting up from his bed and going to toilet on his own.
    Today is Nov 24, 2017 and now he is almost in the path of full recovery and we all are excited with his re-birth and second life. Doctors were amazed with his recovery but we did not inform the doctors about the supplement.
    Just go to youtube and type "Purtier Cancer" and they are lot of testimonials. It is expensive and but it can really save a life. It is a product New Zealand and it is available in Singapore. It is stem-cell and this supplement repairs all damaged cells and fight against cancer cell.
    Please contact my brother Amuthan @ 9003126496 to visit my uncle in Chennai.
    You can contact me at + 6594598715 via WhatsApp for more details
    The intention of this message to save more and more people and it is worth giving it a try