A club of young cancer survivors in India

Beyond cancer

If you are reading this, most likely you or someone dear to you has been touched by cancer.

You are perhaps looking for some information, or just people in similar situations, or people who have 'been there and done that'. You may be newly diagnosed and still in shock, or perhaps you are in the middle of treatment. Or better yet, you have completed the treatment and looking to rejoin the world as normal as you can be.  I hope this site helps all of the above people.


I have been there and have a good idea of what the journey has been and continues to be -  this is my attempt to extend a hand to others who are facing similar situations. For more on my own story, please click on 'About'.


One of the many reasons for this initiative is the fact that while there are many support forums and groups in the rest of the world, they were much more difficult to find online in India. I hope this provides a way for us to connect with each other and support each other by reducing the  fear of the word and helping to make it a part of life, an event rather than our entire life.



Why is this for young survivors? And who is a young survivor?

The challenges for young survivors are unique. Careers are interrupted even before they have had a chance to take-off, formal education perhaps not yet complete, plans for marriage and kids may have taken a backseat, insurance and other finanical ramifications boggle the mind, the lost fitness levels are so much more raw for being so recent  etc... These factors are, I think, especially felt by people in the 20-35 age group. So the goal of the site is to offer a way for people who were 35 or under at the time of diagnosis to connect.


Who is a cancer survivor?

I believe the day you are diagnosed with cancer, you are a survivor.


Can I contribute?

Absolutely. This is very much intended to be a collaborative site and it is in its infancy, so send us a note and we can find ways to contribute to this site.